shortbreadmoldcomboreducedCakes for the Queen of Heaven shortbread mold (Left: Style 1 / Right: Style 2)

These shortbread molds are some of our most popular items. They produce delicious cakes suitable for any queen. Great for rituals and celebrations. Comes complete with recipe. Inspired by the Biblical story of Jeremiah’s interaction with a group of Hebrew women living in Egypt, Jeremiah 44:15-19. (High fired porcelain)  [Purchase Style 1: $45]  /  [Purchase Style 2: $45]

[I will be taking a sabbatical from clay work for ~1 year.  The Goddess Timeline posters will still be available, but if you try to order clay items they will shown as “out of stock.”  Sorry for the inconvenience.]

mold-cernunnos1reducedCernunnos shortbread mold

Cernunnos (Celtic horned god) shortbread mold.  High fired porcelain.  [Purchase: $45]

mold-bee-goddessreducedBee Goddess of Rhodes shortbread mold

Bee Goddess of Rhodes shortbread mold. (High fired porcelain) [Purchase: $45]

Honey PotHoney Pot with an image of the Bee Goddess

Hand thrown honey pot with an image of the Bee Goddess. [Not currently available]

Brown Suger KeeperBee Goddess Brown Sugar Keeper

Soak the Bee Goddess Brown Sugar Keeper in water over night then place in with your brown sugar to keep it moist.
2.5 inches diameter. [Purchase Set of 3 for $25]

DSCF1326Samarran plate, 5350-5050 BCE

From the Samarran culture, scorpions surround a circle of women with flowing hair. (High fired.) [Not currently available]