[Due to an injury (not too serious, but very annoying!) I am temporarily unable to keep up with the clay orders.  I will continue to fill orders for the posters.  Please check back later, but I don’t anticipate starting up again for at least a few months.  (I am working on filling the orders already placed, but I’ve been slowed down a bit.)]

[Adding insult to injury (literally), our service provider for credit card transactions, Kagi, just went out of business with less than 1 day’s notice.  We are in the process of implementing an alternative system.  Please check back in a day or two.]

I now have two web sites that focus on different aspects of my work.  The two web sites share a common purchase page. This link takes you to an online store service maintained by Kagi, in Berkeley CA. Because of that, California sales tax applies for orders shipped to California addresses.

Purchase Link
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The Goddess Timeline site deals with my decade-long exploration and compilation of goddess imagery as it emerged over time. The focus here is to put the goddess phenomenon into historical context.

Image of the Goddess is now a separate web site. I am a sculptor and visual artist. That is something I have in common with the original creators of these figures. As I studied the various goddess figures I had the urge to not just talk about them, but reproduce them visually. Engaging in the actual physical process has put me in touch with the work of the original artists in a visceral way. Some of the images displayed at www.imageofthegoddess.com are museum-quality reproductions of archeological artifacts. Others are creative expressions inspired by work of the original artists.